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One in Four adults has 2 or more Chronic Conditions. That’s an estimated 117 million adults.

What does this mean for a patient with two or more chronic conditions?

  • It is difficult to participate effectively in care
  • The quality of care is often comprimised
  • Higher healthcare spending due to hospitalization
  • Difficulty in communication between doctors
  • Risk of suffering from adverse drug events
  • Greater risk of readmission after a hospitalization

“In 2014, the estimated total annual cost of readmissions for Medicare was $26 billion, with $17 billion of that considered avoidable costs.”

With Chronic Care Management Medicare hopes to avoid these readmissions


Medicare has developed a new quality-driven approach that improves preventive care, incentivizes early intervention, and care continuity for chronically ill patients.

How does it work?

  • CareexpandYour provider will collaborate with you to establish and explain a personalized, comprehensive care plan
  • CareexpandYour provider will coordinate care transitions to and from the hospital, specialists, or other providers.
  • CareexpandYou will have round-the-clock access to clinical staff who can access your records.
  • CareexpandClinical staff will follow up on your care plan on daily basis.
  • CareexpandYou will have complete access to your Care Plan in a web portal and a certified electronic health record (EHR) to better manage all your clinical information.

This CCM program seeks to elevate your care needs and devote more time on the one thing that matters most – making you healthier.

Goals of a Chronic Care Management Program:

  • CareexpandAvoid any expensive and distressing visits to the hospital.
  • CareexpandBetter communication with your health care professionals.
  • CareexpandA specified plan to manage and improve your health and quality of life.
  • CareexpandManaging risk factors to improve clinical Outcomes.
  • CareexpandEnsure a high quality of care.

Careexpand is a web application that brings to doctors for the first time the possibility of expanding efficiently and effortlessly their medical activity to a much wider network. Careexpand applies the rules of engagement of a social network to the world of healthcare information and interfaces with electronic health record systems in order to upgrade the medical practice and expand its possibilities beyond its traditional limits.
Careexpand allows doctors to exchange patients with other doctors while keeping control and visibility over their patients, engage and improve their network of referrals, do tele-consultation and monitor patients remotely. Careexpand provides an easy and visual user interface, is completely web and cloud based, and requires no download or installation.
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