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Patient/physician cooperatives (PPC) In association with WeCare Network

PATIENT/PHYSICIAN COOPERATIVES (PPC), established in 2005, is a non-profit organization. PPC and WECARE NETWORK work together to get fair prices for non-insurance health care products for their Members. Member physicians work together to give their patients access to affordable, basic health care through cooperation and mutual support.


What we do

We are a relationship management company dedicated to corporate social responsibility initiatives that benefit all stakeholders including the least of these, caring for the total person, spirit, soul and body.

The benefits of membership

  • Primary care from selected PCPs
  • Prescription drug discount
  • Lab tests
  • Patient advocacy
  • Health club membership
  • Many additional benefits are included in the basic plans
  • Stop loss insurance available to association members that participate in the retainer agreements with PCPs

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